Cheap Gunung Bromo tour packages from Jakarta

This tour package is designed intentionally to facilitate you who want to do a tour or travel to Bromo Malang from Jakarta. This also includes a combination of other tour
packages that are already available and very interesting, for example, Malang, Batu City,
Banyuwangi, Surabaya, and others in East Java. If you have planned to tour Mount Bromo, do not miss to visit other tourist attractions so that your vacation and tour are more fun and satisfying. There are many tour options in East Java such as historical tourism, cultural tourism, marine tourism, adventurers and many more.

The Bromo mountain tour package from Jakarta is all your needs when doing a tour from Jakarta until it is back again facilitated.
As :

  1. Purchase a plane ticket or PP Jakarta train
  2. Transports during the tour in East Java and adjust the number of passengers.
  3. Hotel, lodging or villa accommodation
  4. Full board tour packages including meals and on schedule
  5. Other needs that are conditional

First is the Gunung Bromo tour package two days one night
On the first day, visitors usually travel from Jakarta to Malang or Surabaya according to the initial agreement which is then picked up by the Bromo team. And direct travel to two destinations, for example, those in the stone city, namely the animal museum and secret zoo.
Once satisfied, you will continue to pick apple tours until the afternoon, going to the paragliding tree house. For lodging, there are usually those who choose in the hotel area of
Batu city, but to reach the sunrise in the Bromo mountains, you have to be ready to leave from midnight because the distance is quite far.

And on the second day at 12 or 3 will be picked up using a jeep that goes to the point of sunrise on the summit of mount Pananjakan 1. Then you will also visit the sea of the sand caldera, the peak lip of Bromo crater, savannah grassland, Teletubbies hill, and whispering sand.
That’s the tour that you can enjoy on the Mount Bromo tour package because the team will take you back to the hotel. Now for the price of Mount Bromo private tour is 400 thousand /Pax. That includes one-night hotel accommodation, jeep rental fees, individual transport PP
Surabaya, meals, entrance tickets, parking, and mineral water.
Well, if you are interested in doing the Bromo mountain tour alone, it is cheap, you can get a lot of comfortable and guaranteed security facilities. good luck

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